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Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions has several products designed for use in winery conditions. Crucial features to consider include:

> Wall-to-Floor Coving for best washdown results
> Non-Slip Surfaces for constantly wet floors
> Acid-Resistant Materials to cope with Citric, Tartaric, Lactic and other acids common to winery areas
> Smart Appearance for wineries open to cellar door visitors
> Zero-Odour Materials
> Falls to Waste
> Expansion Joint Sealing
> Impact Resistance for barrel areas
> Bunded washbays, entrances and press areas
> Sealing around equipment footprints

Flooring and ‘Brett’
The last few years has seen a dramatic rise in the detection of the influence of Brettanomyces on wines.

While barrel condition is certainly the leading culprit, the general consensus is that wineries should be kept thoroughly hygienic at all times, preventing the microbes from gaining a foothold or finding areas to escape cleaning practices, lying dormant until conditions allow a new spread.

Old floors offer many nooks and crannies away from the effects of regular washdowns, from cracks in concrete floors to hard-to-get-at corners, expansion joints and equipment footings. Porous concrete itself can provide a breeding ground.

Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions always considers these problems and inspects any area to be treated before quoting. We always provide customers with a list of potential hygiene issues and options for treatment.

Some of our materials have built-in anti-microbial properties for this very reason.

Our products and methods have been developed with wineries, and draw on further experience with food, meat, poultry, beverage and other processing industries for hygiene and safety. The Food Standards

Authority and organisations such as Codex Alimentarius offer extensive information on flooring in hygiene-critical areas.

Contact Us for more information on the best in flooring design for wineries, and test our knowledge on what’s most important to your operation.

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