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Harsh Environment Floors

Many organisations have certain areas that take so much more punishment than their normal floors that they need special protection.

Chemicals, glues, acids, caustics, food waste, grease, oils, coolants, alkalis, abrasives, heavy machinery, heavy traffic, impacts and drops, water flow, vibration, and other aggressive factors attack floors across industry, and pollute surrounding environments – but for every problem, there is a solution.

Before coating entire floors with expensive acid resistant or high-compressive strength materials, Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions will investigate ways to contain the problem to a set area.

Only then will we repair existing damage, and use the best of the chemical formulations and structural materials available in Australia to meet your particular challenge.

The sooner the problem is addressed, the easier it is to remedy and contain for the future, but no situation is completely irreparable.

Contact Us – give Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions a challenge to rise to, and keep your operations running without destroying the ground beneath your own feet.

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