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Floor Maintenance & Cleaning

Like any other part of your operations, your floors will perform best for if they are properly maintained.

Often, that is simply a matter of keeping them clean. Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions installs floors that reduce your cleaning and maintenance bills, but regular cleaning is still essential in most environments, especially food areas, manufacturing and areas on public display.

If you don’t have mechanical scrubbers, pressure washers or regular cleaning crews, why not talk to us about regular visits to keep your floors – and other areas – sparkling clean?

Or, we can offer your regular cleaners advice and technical assistance in choosing the right equipment and chemicals to clean new and existing floors. Whether it’s every 3 months for better presentation, or 6 times a day for Food Standards Compliance, we have the experience to help your organisation to keep cleaning quick, simple and effective.

Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions also offers floor maintenance programs. Whoever installed the surface and whenever it was done, regular checks and maintenance offer the chance to save money in the long term:

> Arrest problems before they deteriorate
> Retain Anti-Slip properties before accidents start to occur
> Keep demarcation and line-marking clear and bright
> Safeguard concrete before it crumbles or becomes contaminated
> Keep weak points (such as expansion joints) in good condition
> Eliminate HACCP problems as soon as they arise

When we create a solution for you for maintenance works or inspections, it is always customised to your needs.

Contact Us to find out how support could benefit you.

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