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Special Environment floors

Electrical and electronics manufacturing require a special environment. Cleanrooms and ESD sensitive areas both have specific demands of their floors:

Dust must be eliminated completely. Flooring achieves this by totally sealing concrete away from the manufacturing process; by fitting flush with door seals and air locks; and by ‘designing out’ all corners and crevices that would allow remaining dust to collect and build up.

Static can destroy electronic components as fast as you can build them. Along with ESD earthing points, floors should be built using special materials and earthed with metal strips running beneath the surface.

Level Floors are essential for transporting sensitive equipment throughout your operations. With no need for drainage and water flows, Self-Levelling and Seamless Floors from Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions are a perfect material for this environment.

And of course, all the hallmarks of our flooring work are brought in to the mix: durability, slip-hazard reduction, demarcation, smart appearance, colours fit for the working environment and light levels, and more.

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