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As with all the food and beverage companies that Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions works for, hygiene is critical and safety is paramount in Dairy and Juices processing.

Like fruit juices, milk is surprisingly acidic and all concrete and porous materials like tile grout and bedding should be sealed and protected from damage with chemically inert seal coats.

Caustics are often used for cleaning, making protective sealing doubly important.

Good drainage is critical – preventing liquids pooling is part of all the HACCP, GMP and related standards.

Areas where liquids are moved in drums and containers must have thick, non-porous, durable floor coats to preserve the structural concrete underneath.

Minimal downtime is important, as many operations produce 7 days a week and lost production costs contribute to the cost of works. However, allowing enough time for a good job saves money over several years, when compared to rushing works and having to replace floors sooner than should be the case.

Our materials include anti-bacterial properties, further assisting with critical hygiene standards.

Slip hazards abound when liquid, pulp, cream and other by-products are everywhere. Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions have extensive experience combining hygienic, GMP approved floor features with safe surfaces for workers and traffic and long lasting, durable protection for building structure.

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