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Bakeries have a lot of fresh product that must be kept free of contamination; warm, humid conditions that could encourage unwanted bacterial activity; yeast cultures in active use; and a range of slip contaminants from oils to flours and breadcrumb.

Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions works for some of the biggest in the business. Floors vary more in this environment than most, between stock storage, divider areas through to baking, packaging and shipping, but common to all areas are:

> Wall-to-Floor Coving
> Sealed Joints
> Falls to Waste
> Concrete protection from oil and contaminants
> Caustic resistant materials: tiled and concrete areas often suffer from cleaning with caustic and epoxy surfaces are an ideal replacement.

Carefully designed slip resistance: the balance between easy-to-clean and safe for traffic is critical. Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions has researched the subject for various baking operations. Contact Us to find out more.

Materials that actively inhibit microbial activity: if it’s on the floor, yeast and bacteria should have nowhere to hide and take advantage of warm, moist conditions.

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