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Abattoirs, slaughter houses, meat and poultry processing facilities and butchers share common ground when it comes to flooring.

Typically floors are wet, in cool to freezing environments, fall to waste and have high traffic in the form of forklifts, pallet and container impacts, pedestrian activity and trolleys.

Contaminants from blood to water create slip issues that must be solved without compromising the ability to clean surfaces easily to FSA and other GMP Standards.

Floors in this industry must be durable; must protect the concrete underneath from constant water and other contaminants; and must be coved, sealed and profiled to make drainage easy and dirt build up and pest access impossible.

Floors should take minimal down-time for installation; but must last 5 – 10 years + to minimise further lost production time in the future. Future installations of machinery that break through the floor must be appropriately sealed, but properly installed, this sort of lifespan and more should be expected from an Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions floor.

Materials are often used that allow for a 5 – 15 mm deep floor build, sealed above and below and coated to a consistent, durable anti-slip finish according to the area.

Walkways and colour coded work zones can be applied and removed over the years without the need to break into the thick, protective body of the main floor.

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