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Not every floor has to be hard as nails to work well. Soft-Fall Rubber, as well as being perfect for playgrounds, tree surrounds and school areas, has many uses.

Golf Courses install rubber around clubhouses and beyond as a comfortable, golf-shoe friendly, non-slip surface.

Walkways around factories and work areas can benefit from rubber surfacing.

Entrance Areas often need regular replacement of carpets, paints and mats due to high traffic flow. Rubber wears better, retains a smart appearance and is comfortable underfoot.

Workshops occasionally require areas where machinery can safely drop without damage to floor or equipment. Why make it super tough when it can be soft?

Pubs and Clubs use soft-fall safety areas around entrances and exits in an effort to protect the occasional over-enthusiastic patron from the effects of temporary instability...

Nursing Homes and Retirement Villages are always aware of the vulnerabilities of residents, and the effects of hard wearing, aggregate-type anti-slip surfaces are no longer a bonus if a fall does take place.

Retail, manufacturing and other businesses where staff are constantly standing have a duty to consider the effects of prolonged standing on hard surfaces. Standing areas built on soft-fall materials reduce the strain on the body, reducing repetitive strain injuries and eliminating trip hazards that come with temporary matting.

Soft-Fall Rubber comes in various grades, thicknesses and a wide range of bright and attractive colours.

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