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Floor slip testing

Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions offers various slip-testing options for all surfaces. Please Contact Us for further details and information on this service. The following is a summary of some the services available.

Australian Standards
Whether the floor is a roadway, walkway, factory, bakery, school crossing, platform or ramp, there are Australian Standards dictating the required Slip Resistance of a surface according to usage and environment.

Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions can provide and explain the requirements of these standards for WorkCover and OH&S purposes, and test your floors against the appropriate standards. See our page on Australian Standard Slip-Rated Floors or Contact Us for more information.

Testing Methods
Pendulum Test
The most common and arguably most accurate test method for slip resistance is the [pendulum test]. A portable, carefully calibrated mechanical pendulum swings through an arc and, at the point of impact with the test area, drags a graded rubber slider across the surface. The energy lost equates to a degree of slip resistance measured in units termed as British Pendulum Number. These numbers are used in up-to-date Australian Standards, with an equivalence to ‘R-Ratings’ (see below).

Tortus Tester

Test Results
Results of Slip Testing are numbers on one of two (approximately) correlated scales: British Pendulum Numbers or R-number ratings. Both scales quantify a value that represents a ‘Notional Contribution of the Floor Surface to the Risk of Slipping’ under certain conditions (eg dry or wet).

Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions provide you with all the results of our testing along with calibration records. You also receive a report with an interpretation of the Standards and HACCP/GMP considerations as they apply to your floors, and recommendations where necessary for essential and available improvements.

Sometimes it is useful to examine other workplace policies such as footwear and equipment in co-ordination with flooring changes. Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions can advise on these areas as well, and all the results come with a report detailing areas that could be improved and likely budget requirements.

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