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Self Levelling floors

Self-Levelling Floors are used in many industries. Warehouses, production areas, commercial kitchens – any environment with lots of wheeled traffic, or high hygiene standards, or high-precision machinery can benefit from a mirror-smooth level surface.

1-, 2- and 3-component self-levellers are installed as a base for laminate and tile flooring and other works. These floors feature med -high compression strength, good adhesion to substrate and fast cure times.

Typically, materials are cementitious coatings with copolymer additives which improve flow, cure times and adhesion, similar to those widely available to the laminate, tiling and building trades, and even DIY.

Australasian Anti-Slip self-levelling floors are different in that they provide a finished surface that can be covered or coated with our other flooring solutions, or used without further treatment.

2- and 3-component Polymer resins are engineered to form high-compression strength, rapid curing, chemical resistant, ultra-adhesive flat floors.

These materials have earned their place in our portfolio, through successful installations:

> Under 40 tonne forklift traffic in aluminium mills
> In high-hygiene bakery rooms
> In cosmetics and chemical manufacture
> In washbays
> Under food handling equipment
> In pubs, shops, hotels and open kitchens, where appearance is every bit as important as function

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