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Seamless Floors

‘Seamless Floors’ are primarily used in Food and Beverage Manufacturing – where hygiene is paramount; and Chemical Handling and Storage, where containment is just as important as preventing contamination.

Where hygiene alone is the issue, a seamless floor is created by laying the whole floor, using liquid resins, in one continuous process. A minimum thickness of 5mm is maintained, and as the whole floor cures from liquid to solid at the same time, the surface – in fact the whole floor – becomes one continuous piece of solid resin.

On larger areas or with fast-curing products, experienced installers are vital to preventing gaps or sections where fresh resin cannot bond to materials laid earlier and left to cure.

Alternatively, specialised resins exist that seal joins between areas as effectively as single piece floors. These resins can also be used to allow expansion joint movement and seal around machinery.

Where containment is crucial to your requirements, such as bunded areas, falls to waste and chemical traps are concerned, special formulations of resin are used to handle acids, alkalis, solvents etc.

Expansion joints, cracks and pitting are treated first, and then an impermeable, seamless membrane laid before the main floor, seamless or otherwise, is installed.

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