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Floor line marking

Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions offers a complete range of linemarking services for roads, highways, car parks, depots, marshalling yards and business premises. Contact Us for quotes, further information and Layout or Design assistance.

Standard Linemarking
Linemarking in car parks and other light traffic applications is installed by spray machine using waterbourne or oilbased paints. Our professional crews work to Australian Standards wherever relevant and know how to give the best finish with the longest durability. Glass beading is available for a reflective surface, and various colours improve the effectiveness of your markings and directions.

Thermoplastic linemarking is used for highways, heavy vehicle areas and in areas where normal paints are too easily worn away. With a built in aggregate and structure, thermoplastic lines and stencils withstand the heaviest rolling traffic for permanent, quick to apply floor plans

‘Indestructable’ Lines
Designed and developed by Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions and tried and tested by our longest standing customers, the ‘Indestructable’ Line is based on our toughest flooring materials.

Compared to spray-on lines, it’s not cheap – but compared with the costs of respraying lines in any heavy use area and our system comes in a bargain. Staging lanes, pallet bays, truck zones, logistics depots and more: any area that gets scraped, battered and hit with heavy traffic, and needs a permanent marking system, should be marked with Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions ‘Indestructable’ Lines.

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