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Hygienic floor surfaces

Hygienic Surfaces are most commonly used in Food, Meat, Dairy and Beverage Processing, and Printshops, Electronics and Pharmaceuticals.

Each of these industries has its own, specialised requirements. However, they share a common need for floors that don’t produce dust, don’t crumble, and are easy to clean. Features often include Falls to Waste, Wall to Floor Coving and durable, hardwearing materials with sealed Expansion Joints and no cracking or delamination.

However, the one feature (or two-in-one) that is asked for every time is: ‘Can you make it nice and smooth and glossy so we can wash it down? Oh – and make it anti-slip, too...’

Can it be done? Of course. Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions’ staff are accomplished at assessing the needs of individual areas on each site, testing slip-resistance and grading new floors accordingly.

There are thousands of combinations of resins, aggregates, grip profiles and surfactants, and our installers are experienced with creating a consistent finish that satisfies both HACCP and slip-resistance requirements.

Contact Us for a site inspection first, and introduce us to your needs. We’ll do the rest!

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